Labour research and advice in English

Labour research and advice in English

Do you recognize this?

You work as an HR business partner at an international company and/or with expats and have to deal with absenteeism and absence management under the Dutch Gatekeeper Improvement Act (Wet Verbetering Poortwachter). For an employee, you need to have an Occupational Health Survey/research (arbeidsdeskundig onderzoek) carried out, but the employee is, for example, an expat and/or the manager or others involved are not Dutch-speaking. You therefore need an English-speaking occupational health expert/labour expert who can conduct the interviews in English and also write part of the report in English.

You knock on the door of your company health provider (arbodienst) and they tell you that they can do this, but in practice it turns out that their knowledge of English is somewhat disappointing. Interviews are more difficult, whereas your wish is for absence interviews with managers and employees to run smoothly and fluently in English. Also, for example, the labour expert reports are only in Dutch, while you also need part of the report in English so a line manager can take appropriate actions in the re-integration.

Then it is good to know that, through Het Arbeidsdeskundig Collectief, you can engage an employment expert who has worked for 10 years in an international environment as an HR business partner and who is perfectly capable of conducting the interviews in English and writing the reports in Dutch and English.

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